Second Career
What Second Career gives you:

You can get new skills – those needed for jobs in demand now – and financial support when you qualify for Second Career.

Apply for up to $28,000 for costs including:

Manuals, workbooks or other instructional costs
Basic living allowance (maximum $410 per week)

​​Fill out the form to find out if you qualify for an Education Funding and Living Expenses

Loans, Grants, Bursaries & Scholarships ...

Find out if you qualify by filling out the form below.

  Canada Student Loans, Grants, Bursaries and Scholarships are open to all       

  Canadians, permanent residents & refugees who passed their hearing.

  International students & visitors: You may apply for bursaries or scholarships

  offered through some colleges if available  (some restrictions apply)

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 Looking for

IT Certification Scholarship!

          Ontario Education Funding Services is helping students & professionals to apply & receive

          a scholarship to become an IT Certified or to upgrade their IT Certification through reputable

          educational Institutions and Colleges.

          Ontario Education Funding Services is offering this special promotion for those who qualify,

          in participating of supporting our community through COVID 19.

          We understand that COVID-19 has affected students & professionals of many individuals.

          We welcome all applicants including newcomers, International students & work permits holders.

          Some conditions apply.



​​The option of government funding that’s available to the successful candidate can be in the form

of a grant, bursary, scholarship & loan that they can use for their education fees & living expenses

Having a Canadian education will definitely empower your resume and will increase the chances

of finding your dream job in a shorter time.

We also can assist those who qualify for second career programs and people with disabilities. 

Tracking Canada's education systems' response to COVID-19

SEPTEMBER 20, 2020

The Canada-wide Education during COVID-19 Tracker compares differences in educational policy and approaches during the pandemic. It will provide an opportunity to understand more about the successes, challenges and evolution of each region’s response.

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We believe that all Canadians, permanent residents & newcomers have the right to an Education. Newcomers can upgrade their skills, renew their education, find another suitable new field to study or evaluate their credentials so they can find a better employment opportunity in their new home Canada. 

We have proudly helped thousands of people to be connected to the right College that offers the program that they are interested in & the best option of Government Funding that is most suitable for them.

​​Private career college programs
Private career colleges offer certificate and diploma programs in fields such as:

  • Business
  • Health Services
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics
  • Services
  • Trades

They often appeal to people who:

  • Need specific job skills to join the workforce
  • Have academic qualifications and want to add to their practical skills to become more competitive in the job market

Private career college structure
Private career colleges often work with small groups of students rather than large classes, and offer:

  • flexible learning schedules
  • enrolment at many different times during the year
  • compressed programs that deliver training over a short time.