Ontario is increasing its investment in students and schools across the province by providing $22.9 billion in education funding through the 2016-17 Grants for Student Needs - an increase of approximately $300 million from last year.​​

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We believe that all Canadians, permanent residents & newcomers have the right to an Education.

Newcomers can upgrade their skills, renew their education, find another suitable new field to study or evaluate their credentials so they can find a better employment opportunity in their new home Canada. 

We have proudly helped thousands of people to be connected to the right College that offers the program that they are interested in & the best option of Government Funding that is most suitable for them.

The option of government funding that’s available to the successful candidate can be in the form of grant, bursary, scholarship & loan that they can use for their education fees & living expenses

Having a Canadian education will definitely empower your resume and will increase the chances of finding your dream job in a shorter time.

We also can assist those who qualify for second career program and people with disabilities. 

ntario Education Funding Services

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